PCI PCMCIA PC Card Reader TO CARDBUS Option Kit - PCI - Wyse, Inc

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This PCI-to-PCMCIA Cardbus Adapter kit is a Factory Installed hardware option for your Winterm 945x.

One rear-access socket supports 3.3/5/12V 16-bit & 32-bit cardbus PC cards
Complies with PCI Local Bus Specification 2.1
Complies with PCMCIA PC Card 95 Standard Specification
Supports Type I, Type II, Type III PC Card Sockets
Supports all kinds of PC Card HOT-SWAPPING features (except Win NT)
Win NT does not support hot-swapping. You may need CardWare drivers for Win NT to make PC cards hot-swappable.
Active LED indication of busy
No need for any ISA IRQ Board
Supports Windows 95, 98, 98SE, 2000. Do not need driver when installed under Win XP. Windows NT driver is optional.

Supports ATA Flash Card, CF Card w/ CF Adapter, SM w/ SM Adapter, IBM Microdrive, type III Hard Drive, Sony Memory Stick w/ Stick Adapter, Linear Flash Cards (AMD, Intel II & II+, etc. chipsets), SRAM Card, Fax Modem Card, LAN Card, Wireless LAN card, I/O card, etc.

PCI interface card dimension: 4 3/4"x 3 9/16"

Max. Power Supply on sockets:
VCC at 3.3V for 1A
VCC at 5.0V for 1A
VPP at 5.0V for 250mA
VPP at 12V for 250mA

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