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DigiGear introduces DIY 3D Lenticular Photo Kit: EZ3D Photo Print

3D Lenticular Photo DIY Kit; Frame, Lenses, and Software included. Contains everything you need to convert your favorite images into 3D in just 3 easy steps! No Special 3D glasses required! Good for personal and photo shop; Print at home or now you can print at retail and on-line photo labs.

Digigear SDXCF SD SDHC SDXC to CF Type II Extreme/Ultimate Compact Flash Card Adapter

 High speed cf interface with reliable performance

SD 3.0 compatible, accept class 10 or uhs-1 card
Compatible with most Wi-Fi sd, supports cf true IDE mode/ memory mode/io mode
Note 1: Please use 32gb SD cards or less, if adapter can not be recognized
Note 2: Not for cf type one slot

Digigear SD SDHC SDXC to CF SLIM Compact Flash Card Adapter SDXCF1


1. The first type I CF adapter designed for Wi-Fi-SD

2. Effective reduce CF's shielding for WiFi Signal

3. Supports SDXC/SDHC/SD all capacity up to 2TB

4. SD 4.1 compatible; accepts class 10 or UHS-1/2 cards

5. High-Speed CF interface with reliable performance

6. Supports Windows / Mac OS / Linux

Operation Instructions

1. Insert the media card into this adapter, then insert the adapter to the CF socket of the device

2. To Extract the inserted media card, please directly pull out the card.

3. Be noted that to use Wi-Fi SD on CF supported camera, the time of " Auto Power Off" settings should be properly adjusted to give Wi-Fi SD enough time to finish the WiFi transfer

Turn SD into Standard CF! It will fit any CF slot!

Note: Please be noted that this adapter will not accelerate the inserted media; it only converts the real access speed of the media.

There is a theoretical performance limit on 25 MB/s.

DigiGear introduces Low-Profile PCI to font-load PC Cardbus Adapter, PCD-TP220CS.

PCD-TP220CS is a high-performance PCI-to-PC Card Drive Unit that supports one independent card socket compliant with the 16/32-bit PC Card standard defined in 1997 PC Card Standard. Provides a rich feature set that makes it the best choice for bridging between PCI and PC Card in desktop computers. Compliant with the 16-bit PC Card specification defines in PCMCIA Release 2.1 and JEIDA 4.2 and can support any combination of 16-bit or 32-bit PC Card in the one socket, powered at 5V or 3.3V as required. The host system interface of PCD-TP220CS is compliant with the PCI Local Bus specification 2.2. PCD-TP220CS is register set compatible with Intel 82365SL controller and compatible with ExCA, it enables the PCD-TP220CS to support almost all of the PC Card applications including: SRAM card, Linear Flash card, ATA Flash card, Modem card and Wireless LAN card.

* PCD-TP220CS provides one front-access PCMCIA / CardBus socket solution for PC. 
* PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 2.2 compliant. 
* PCMCIA 2.1, JEIDA 4.2 compliant. 3.3V, 5.0V, or mixed 3.3V/5.0V operation. 
* Intel 82365SL register compatible, ExCA compatible. 
* The 3.5" front Drive Unit with built-in one socket is connected to the PCI Interface Board by using the flat ribbon cable. 
* There are one PC card socket that can be used for Type I / Type II / Type III PC Card in this unit. 
* Support IRQ steering (PCMCIA -16Bit), native driver built in Windows XP. 
* Support IRQ steering (PCMCIA -16Bit), optional driver provided in Windows Me or Windows 2000 

Supports PC Cards (Type I/II/II) 
PCMCIA: 8/16 Bit, 8 MHz, 3.3/5V. 
CardBus: 32 Bit, 33 MHz, 3.3 V.

SDXCPA Digigear SD SDHC SDXC to PC Card PCMCIA adapter ATA flash memory

Product Detail

This adapter supports converting SD, SDHC, SDXC, SDIO, iSDIO, miniSD (with adapter), microSD (with adapter), microSDHC/SDXC (with adapter), MMC, RS-MMC (with adapter), MMC Plus, and MMC Mobile (with Adapter) to Type II CardBus PC Card. A Push-Push socket is equipped for easy insertion/extraction of supported cards. Also compliant with SDIO specification, which allows you to use SDIO/iSDIO card with all kinds of applications on your computer.


Compliant with 16/32-bit(CardBus) Type II PC Card interface (JEIDA 4.2).

Maximum frequency reaches 33MHz.

Compliant with SD Memory Card Specification 2.0.

Supports SDHC / High Speed SD Clock (50MHz)

Compliant with SDIO (required additional driver for respective SDIO card)

Supports iSDIO( Eye-Fi card, Wireless LAN SD, Wi-Fi SD )

Compliant with SD Host Controller Standard Specification 1.0.

Compliant with MultiMediaCard Specification 4.1.

Supports MMC Plus and MMC Mobile (with adapter.).

Push-Push card slot for easy insertion/extraction of card.

Low power consumption, 3.3V single power operation.

Software Suspend mode compliant with ACPI.

Supports Hardware Suspend.

Supporting file System: FAT(FAT12/FAt16)/FAT32/exFAT(FAT64)/NTFS

Device string in OS: SD to ATA/PCMCIA adapter device(no specific VID/PID, generic driver supported by OS)


Input Socket SD / SDHC /SDXC (SD Specification 1.01, 2.0, 3.01) iSDIO, SDIO (SDIO Specification 1.1) MMC (MMC Specification 4.1)

Output Interface 32-bit CardBus Type II PC Card Supporting Card SDHC 4GB to 32GB above, SDXC 48GB above. SD 8MB~2GB

Adapter reruired for the followings, miniSD, micro SD/SDHC/SDXC, MMC, MMC plus

Safety Approval CE / FCC

Dimensions 85.0 mm(L)* 54.0 mm(W)* 5.0 mm(H)


DigiGear introduces PCIe to Expresscard Adapters, PCIe-101/PCE01, PCE10, and PCU10.

The Latest PCI Express supports 2.5Gb/s data rate for a fastest data transfer. This PCIe-101 accepts both 34mm and 54 mm express card and allows express card’s Hot-Plug and hot swap without power off the system. The PCIe-101 is an easy and quick installing to extend more applications for personal desktop PC using.
The Latest PCI Express supports 5Gb/s data rate for a fastest data transfer. This PCE10 accepts both 34mm and 54 mm ExpressCard. PCE10 is an easy and quick installing to extend more applications for Indutrial PC using.

UATASD ( U2ATASD ) Digigear USB 3.0 (Dual) ATA Flash PCMCIA PC card + SD card Reader

Package contents:
1. UATASD ( U2ATASD ) Card reader X 1
2. USB 3.0 cable X 1

1. Power on the PC and entering OS.
2. Connect the reader to the USB 3.0/2.0 port of PC with the USB cable.
3. OS will automatically identify the device and install proper driver.
4. Installation completes; insert the flash card into the reader and the data within can be accessed.

3.3V/5V ATA interface switch settings:
The ATA card interface pf the reader supports 3.3V or 5 V, which is determined by the switch on the rear panel. The default setting is 3.3V; if the ATA card can not be identified with 3.3V interface, please switch to 5V and try again. Please be noted that the USB connection should be removed before adjusting the switch.

1. Support USB 3.0 and USB mass storage device class
2. Compatible with USB 2.0
3. Support One ( Two ) Type I/II ATA flash PCMCIA cards(please be noted that the reader does not support any I/O card, Linear Flashcard, or SRAM card)
4. Support 3.3 V /5V ATA flash card interface
5. Support SD/SDHC/SDXC card up to spec 3.0; capacity up to 2TB
6. Native driver supportedby WIndows 10/8/7/VISTA/XP/2000/ME, MacOS 9.x or above, Linux Kernal 2.4.2 or above, Chrome OS, and any other OS which supports USB 2.0 mass storage device class.