EZ3D Photo Print Lenticular Software Turn 2D into 3D DIY Kit


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3D Picture Frame: EZ3D Photo Print / Autostereoscopy / DIY Horography


EZ3D Photo Print is basically designed for those who have photo printer and digital camera, and want to do something funny and special for the photos. Indeed, it can help you easily create 3D photos with your existed normal 2D photos. You don''t even need to know anything about 3D technology. To create a 3D photo is very easy as "1-2-3". Yes, just follow the "1-2-3" steps as EZ3D Photo Print requires, anyone can easily finish a 3D photo in a few minutes by yourself.

Product Features:
1. For Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
2. GUI (Graphics User Interface) for friendly operation.
3. Extremely easy to use.
4. Converts existed 2D photos into 3D photos.
5. The "Depth" and "Distance" of 3D Object can be adjusted.
6. Supports text string as a 3D object.
7. Supports any color printers.
8. Accepts any DSC photo images and most image formats.
9. Supports 4"x6", 6"x4", 3"x4" and 4"x3" printout size.
10. Great fun for digital camera and color printer.
11. No lens lamination is required. No risk for 100% success.

STEP 1: Prepare Photo
Open Image:
• Any DSC Images
• Any Scanned Images
• Any Photo Images
Choose a 3D photo printout size:
• 4" x 6" or 6" x 4"
• 4" x 3" or 3" x 4"

STEP 2: 3D Settings(Suggest use the default setting for Depth & Distance)
• Outline a picture - Set up a 3D object.
• 3D Depth - There are "Large", "Medium" and "Small" options to set up.
• 3D Distance - Adjust the 3D object distance between near and far.
• Font Editing - Add a text string to enrich the 3D effects.

STEP 3: 3D Output
• Save Project - Save all of 3D settings for later use.
• Print Out - Print out the 3D photo with any printer.

STEP 4: View 3D photo by EZ3D Frame or EZ3D(i-Magic) Viewer
Finally, with EZ3D Frame(6"x4") or EZ3D (i-Magic) Viewer(4"x3"), no lens lamination is required. No risk! You can view the 3D photos immediately.

Product Package:
EZ3D Photo Print Software CD x1
4"x6" EZ3D Frame (with Lens installed)x1
6"x4" EZ3D Lens x1

Note: EZ3D Frame is designed for desktop display, while i-Magic Viewer is very convenient for portable use.