PCEXP Digigear 32-bit CardBus / 16-bit PCMCIA PC Card 34 mm ExpressCard Adapter


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a perfect solution for converting the 16-bit/32-bit PC Card to standard ExpressCard/34.

supports any kinds of PCMCIA and CardBus PC Card applications,
such as 16-bit memory card adapter, ATA card, 32-bit 3G/3.5G I/O card,
wireless I/O card, etc. It is a very convenient device for any Notebook or PC
equipped with ExpressCard socket to use PC Card.

ExpressCard (PCI Express x1) interface.
ExpressCard/34 design; can be inserted into any ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 sockets.
32-bit CardBus PC Card support.
Compliant with PC Card Standard Release 8.1 Specification.
16-bit PCMCIA PC Card support.
Compliant with PC Card Standard Release 8.1 16-bit Specification.
Hot swap support - cards can be plugged and unplugged without system power-off or reboot.
2 LED are quipped for indicating the status of power and access.
Provides 3.3V / 5V power operation.
Supports Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7.(NOT for Mac)
Suitable for any notebooks with ExpressCard socket to use any 32-bit/16-bit PC Card.

PC-EXP Workaround for Some 16-bit R2 PC Card Issues, Please check the link