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i-Magic Print V.1 Lenticular Software

i-Magic Print V.1 Lenticular Software

3 Design Pattern - Stereoscopic 6x4 and 4x6, Flipping Image and Animation for 3x4 and 4x3

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Product Detail

i-MagicPrint V1.0 (Unlimited Prints)

i-MagicPrint V1.0 is a lenticular application for PC consumer product. It breaks the limitations of two dimensional image into 3D. It provides fantastic features to create various kinds of magic pictures. Hook up to a color printers! With i-MagicPrint V1.0, you are ready to capture the beauty of depth, motion and flipping images on papers.

Product Features:

1. For Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
2. GUI (Graphical User Interface) for friendly operation.
3. Supports 3D, Flipping and Motion effects.
4. Supports any color printers.
5. Accepts any DSC photo images and most image formats.
6. Accepts Photoshop "PSD" files for 3D objects.
7. Supports image processing for photo enhancement.
8. Supports 4"x6" and 6"x4" printout size for Stereoscopic 3D. Supports 3"x4" and 4"x3" printout size for Flipping and Motion
9. Great fun for digital camera and color printer.
10. With i-MagicFrame,no lens lamination is required. No risk for 100% success.

i-MagicPrint V1.0 Primary Operation Procedure:

STEP 1: Select a project (left hand side 1st picture)
When get started, you are requested to select a new project, Stereoscopic 3D, Flipping or Motion, to proceed with.

STEP 2-1: Stereoscopic 3D(left hand side 2nd picture)
If you select Stereoscopic 3D project to go, then you can automatically enter the "Studio" room for 3D-Object layout and 3D distance adjustment.

STEP 2-2: Flipping (left hand side 3rd picture); (one image turn into another),
Supports 3"x4" and 4"x3" printout size
If you select Flipping project to go, then you can automatically enter the "Studio" room to prepare the two Flip-photos.

STEP 2-3: Motion (left hand side 4th picture)(4 frames)
Supports 3"x4" and 4"x3" printout size
If you select Motion project to go, then you can automatically enter the "Studio" room to open an "AVI" film for four frames of motion capture.

STEP 3: Print Out
You may choose a lens type first. Then, i-MagicPrint V1.0 will print out the lenticular image according to the lens type.

Product Package:
i-Magic Print V.1 Print Software CD x1
4"x6" i-Magic Frame (with Lens installed)x1
6"x4" i-Magic Lens x1

About the flip and motion effects, they must be handled very carefully, especially the flip effect. In fact, the motion effect is a kind of flip. Since the flip effect will require more precision of lens to get the very neat flip pictures, so it will be kept as small size as possible to align the best flip area and viewing angle. Also, it is essential to keep the picture close to the lens as tight as possible.

Application of lenticular images spreads across quite a wide range. It could be the most special greeting card with your sincere blessings on it, or the most impressive business card in your workplace. Moreover, the coolest NBA Stars, Hollywood Celebrities, Disney Characters, or lifetime memories such as family gatherings and wedding ceremonies can all be integrated with i-MagicPrint V1.0 making your dream come true.

* In-between views samples generated by Stereomorpher

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i-Magic Print V.1 Lenticular Software



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