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Medallion-I Bluetooth Hands-Free & Full Duplex Speakerphone for Sprint T-Mobile Verizon Phone

Medallion-I Bluetooth Hands-Free & Full Duplex Speakerphone for Sprint T-Mobile Verizon Phone

Medallion-I Bluetooth Hands-Free & Full Duplex Speakerphone for Sprint T-Mobile Verizon Phone(Free shipping for US order)

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Free shipping for US order.

Medallion-I is the perfect lifestyle solution for people who are constantly on the go. It's handsfree Bluetooth® technology allows you to use it anywhere - in the car, office, anywhere! Your ears will not be strained after even prolonged use, unlike other conventional Bluetooth® handsfree systems. You NEED Medallion-I to keep up with the fast paced world of today.

Many states are beginning to push no-cellphone laws while driving. With Medallion-I's integrated ClearWave, Noise Cancellation, and Echo Cancellation Technology, you can still take that order, still be in that important conference, reply to that e-mail, or tell your loved ones that you're on the way home when you're driving.

Give the people that you know who drive a Medallion-I and saved them from that headache caused by the ticket they are going to get from when they break the no-cellphone law in their state!

What is a Medallion-I

The Medallion Speakerphone is the world's first wearable Bluetooth® speakerphone


Built-in Noise Cancellation Technology
Built-in Echo Cancellation Technology
Takes full advantage of ClearWave technology

Durable Clip for attaching Medallion nearlyanywhere
BQB, CE, FCC, and RoHS compliance


A 1W/8Ohm speaker driver
-64dB Omni directional Microphone

Standby duration of 150 hours
Talking duration of 4 hours
Powered by a rechargeable battery
Small and compact - weighs only 35g
Transmit distance: 10 meters / 30 feet
Frequency range of 2400.00-2483.00 MHz
Bluetooth® V1.2 Technology
Bluetooth® Output Power: Class 2
Built in blue and red LED indicator

What is a Medallion-I Speakerphone?

An industry first!A wearable, lightweight, hands-free, personal Bluetooth® speakerphone, Medallion-I makes “on-the-go,” cell phone communication easier, safer and far more efficient—with nothing sticking out of your ear! And, it’s affordable!


Who needs a Medallion-I personal communication device?

Just about everybody! Today, flexibility is the key to success at work or at home.With a talking duration of 4 hours, and stand-by endurance of over 150 hours Medallion-I is the must have personal Bluetooth® device used by leading executives, scientists, students, soccer moms-- anyone who needs the freedom of comfortable, hands-free communication for note-taking, driving, or conference calls.


But aren’t there other hands-free, Bluetooth® devices?

Not like Medallion.First of all, you’ll never see anyone with a Medallion-I stuck in their ear! Medallion-I is an industry first, a wearable Bluetooth® speakerphone. Just clip it to you shirt or jacket pocket, a purse strap, or to the included lanyard.Medallion-I measures just 75mm x 35mm x 18mm, including the clip.And at only 35grams, you won’t even know it’s there.Plus, since Medallion-I is a speakerphone, it’s perfect for hands-free, cell phone communication in the car, taking notes at the office, or on the move in the home doing chores.


You mean I don’t have to hang anything in my ear?

Nothing.Most of us are tired of walking around with a communication device stuck in our ear.But in this “must-talk-now” era of business, when a hands-free cellular capability is critical, there hasn’t been an alternative—until now.Medallion is the world’s first wearable speakerphone.Nothing to hang, nothing to hold.Your ear will love you!


But how can wearing Medallion-I be better than an earpiece?

You have to hear it to believe it!Michael F. is an executive with offices throughout the West Coast.He was skeptical—until he tried Medallion for the first time:

I use three mobile phones daily, and I have top of the line Bluetooth® earpieces.They irritate, they’re awkward, and are a challenge to hearing.Medallion-I out performed

every high-priced Bluetooth® device on the market!


Yes, but what about the quality of the sound?

Michael had the same question.So, he put Medallion-I to the test:

Immediately I placed Medallion-I in the loudest, most difficult conditions: inside heavy equipment vehicles where (operators) are required to wear ear protection (such as) plugs, or earmuffs.Under these conditions I clearly conversed on my mobile phone in conjunction with Medallion-I.


You mean if I use Medallion-I I’ll never have problems with interference?

Not exactly.Remember, you are using a cell phone that must communicate with a transmission tower that is often miles from your location.Since your Medallion-I is simply relaying the signal coming from your cell phone a few feet away, any interference is originating from the cell.As with any cell phone call, if the conversation isn’t as clear as you would like it to be, it is probably due to interference with your cell phone’s signal at either end of the call, or poor connectivity.Hang up, and try the call again.Or, if you are driving, wait until you have passed the area of poor cell signal reception.Also, check the battery icon on your cell phone’s display.A simple charge could solve the problem. If your cell phone is receiving a good signal, Medallion will make it better.


What can I do if the person I am talking to hears an echo of their own voice?

Several things.Often this is the result of a line echo within the cell phone’s carrier network.First, try turning down the volume of your Medallion-I.If the problem persists, hang up and redial.


If I’m in a public place, how can I prevent others from overhearing my conversation?

Easy!You’ll find a “Privacy” button on the side of your Medallion-I.Just press and hold the button down or about one second until it beeps.That means the call has been transferred to the handset.Of course, others will be always able to hear your side of the conversation if they are standing next to you.


Can Medallion-I work with any cell phone?

Medallion-I is designed to work with most cell phones that support Bluetooth® technology.Plus, Medallion-I is easier, and more comfortable to use since it does not require hanging something unattractive from your ear!


Is Medallion-I complicated to use?

Not at all.The one-time “pairing” of your cell phone to Medallion-I takes only seconds.Then, one push of one button, and you’re connected.You never even have to touch your cell phone, a real safety plus, when you’re driving.When immediate, hands-free cellular capability is critical, Medallion-I makes communication simple and effortless.


Why does my Medallion-I sometimes turn itself off, even if I don’t do anything?

You should always check with local laws.But the truth is, since Medallion-I is a “hands free” device, it allows cell phone conversation in states that usually prohibit cell phone usage while driving.Remember, with Medallion-I you don’t have to insert anything in your ear, which might limit your ability to hear approaching emergency vehicles, or be a distraction if it falls out of your ear in the middle of a conversation.And with “one-touch” activation, you don’t have to fumble for the cell phone, or search for the right button while trying to pay attention to the road.

Medallion-I will automatically turn itself off 15 minutes after it loses connection to your phone (for instance, if you turn off your cell phone,, or leave it out of range of your Medallion-I.Just turn Medallion-I back on, and it will reconnect once you and your cell phone are happily together again!


I already have a speakerphone in my car.Why do I need Medallion-I?

In today’s business world we do not always travel in the same car, and not all vehicles are equipped with speakerphones.With Medallion-I your speakerphone is with you wherever you go: in and out of cars, meetings, wherever.


What advantage does Medallion-I offer women?

Since Medallion-I can be clipped to a purse strap or lapel, it will never compete with earrings as in-ear devices do, or interfere with a hairstyle. With Medallion-I nothing interferes with the important first impression. You are all about business.And when you’re on the move in the home, you can leave your cell phone on a table, and enjoy a 10 meter radius of clear conversation with Medallion-I clipped to your jeans.


What advantage does Medallion-I offer men?

If you’re a man with a cell phone clipped to your belt, did you ever try to access your phone while driving?You have to fumble around under your jacket, which is covered by the seatbelt, then take the phone out of the holster—all while trying to drive the car! By then you may have missed the call, and your attention has been divided.With the Medallion-I I clipped to your shirt, one touch and your call is answered, and your eyes will never have left the road.


How long does it take for Medallion-I to fully charge?

It takes around three to four hours for the Medallion-I to fully charge, after which the Medallion-I has a battery life of 150 hours on standby and 4 hours of talk time.


What does it mean when the red LED flicker when Medallion-I is in use?

The flickering red LED means your Medallion-I is running low on power. Please charge the unit as soon as possible, either via USB or outlet.


How do I turn on Medallion-I?

To turn on Medallion-I, press and hold the multifunction button for 3 seconds and wait for the beep. After it is on, Medallion's blue LED will light up.


How do I activate Bluetooth® pairing mode on Medallion-I?

To activate pairing mode, press and hold the multifunction button of Medallion-I when it is off. You should hear 2 beeps and the LED will alternate between blue and red.


My cellphone detects Medallion-I via Bluetooth® but what is the passcode?

The passcode to establish pairing with Medallion-I is "0000".


How do I answer a call on Medallion-I?

To answer a call on Medallion-I, all you have to do is press the multifunction button once when your phone is ringing.


How can I adjust the volume of my Medallion-I?

You can adjust Medallion-I's volume by pressing the "+" button on your unit to increase it's volume or the "-" button on your unit to decrease it's volume.


How do I end a call on Medallion-I?

To end a call on Medallion-I, press the multifunction button once during talking.


Can I redial the last number that I dialed in case my call drops using Medallion-I?

Yes, you can. Just press the multifunction button twice quickly to redial the last dialed number. That way, you can both save time and if you're driving, be safe.

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Medallion-I Bluetooth Hands-Free & Full Duplex Speakerphone for Sprint T-Mobile Verizon Phone



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